Patent for Tetrahydropiperine

Sami Labs/Sabinsa Corporation received US Patent #6,849,645 for the invention titled “Method of increased bioavailability of nutrients and pharmaceutical preparations with Tetrahydropiperine and its analogues and derivatives”.

Tetrahydropiperine is a derivative of piperine, an alkaloid found in black pepper and long pepper. This compound is naturally found in small amounts in black pepper and long pepper. The patent describes novel applications of Tetrahydropiperine in enhancing the bioavailability of nutrients, drugs and other active compounds. When formulated with Tetrahydropiperine, poorly absorbable active compounds such as curcuminoids are better absorbed through the skin and gastrointestinal tract.

The invention also describes the role of analogs or derivatives of tetrahydropiperine, such as alkyltetrahydropiperines, dialkyltetrahydropiperines, alkoxylated tetrahydropiperine, hydroxylated tetrahydropiperine, halogenated tetrahydropiperine, alkyldihydropiperines, dialkyldihydropiperines, alkoxylated dihydropiperine, and halogenated dihydropiperine, as enhancers of nutrient or drug bioavailability and in improving the absorption of nutrients and/or drugs. Compositions containing active compounds, together with tetrahydropiperine or its analogs or derivatives are also described. These compounds include nutrients, anti-inflammatory compounds, natural conditioning agents, anthelminthics, insecticides and drug actives.

Cosmoperine®* (INCI: Tetrahydropiperine) is a branded ingredient that can be used in cosmetic formulations to enhance the uptake and bioavailability of topically applied active compounds.

*A trademark of Sabinsa Corporation